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Testimonial From Asa Johnson

Dear Elliott:

We are very quick these days to complain about poor service, uncaring service people, rude clerks, etc.  This is not a complaint!

In the flurry of activity recently in trying to sell my house, I had occasion to call S. W. Rawls, Inc. needing some help quickly with HVAC issues.  The response was swift and helpful.  Mrs. Madron, David Ricks, Anthony Goodwyn and others were great.  David was able to meet me almost immediately, help me with the decision about what to do, and the next day the work was done.  I got the same response a couple of weeks earlier when it was necessary to install a new A/C unit.

It is gratifying to see people who really care about the customers.  I thank them all.  They represented their company well.

Very truly yours,

Asa Johnson
Franklin, VA